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     SECRA Promoting the interests of the residents of the south-east area of the City of Adelaide


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The South East Residents Association Inc (SECRA) was established in 2005 to provide a voice for residents of the South East corner of the City of Adelaide and is a respected, strong advocate for them.

 SECRA liaises with, and makes submissions to the Adelaide City Council and the State Government and its agencies on issues that are of interest and concern to the residents in the south east of the city.

 SECRA encourages residents of the south east corner of the City of Adelaide to join. SECRA’s Constitution was changed in 2016 to make Associate Membership available to local business and property owners as SECRA believes local businesses and property owners may have similar interests and concerns as residents.

 Members and Associate Members receive a regular SECRA newsletter and from time to time emails to advise them of significant issues that may affect them and seek feedback before addressing these with the relevant authority.


Cost to join SECRA is $10.00 per annum per individual Membership and Associate Membership and $15.00 per annum per Family Membership. Membership is available to persons aged 16 years and over. Family and Associate Members enjoy full membership benefits.





*        To join please print out the ”Membership Application Form”, complete it and post to the SECRA Treasurer.

*        Alternatively you can email your name and address to us by "clicking here" and we will contact you.



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